Monday, September 13, 2010

Snowboarding in Antarctica!!!!

Yes, Keith is lazy in life. That's ok. I'm motivated in work! HA! So it has been a while since I've posted anything. For no reason other than it takes tons of time and I don't want to do anything that takes tons of time on my day off. It is precious to me...

So a lots been happening I guess. Certain things are mundane. We are in the last week of winter. By this time next week I will be chopping up fresh green salads and real onions. Not to mention fruit, crispy red peppers. Yum. Don't take that shit for granted! I'm learning to appreciate the good stuff. So below is a smattering of pics that perhaps might best describe the last month or so between postings.

Gorgeous sunsets and sunrises are the norm here at Palmer. When it is clear enough to see the sun. I would say that it is about 50/50 good weather and bad weather. But I don't understand the advice I received when I arrive. "Take advantage of the good weather cause there won't be alot of it." Liars. There was just as much awesome weather as bad. Don't be fooled.

This photo doesn't capture it but this was one of the windiest days I have experienced. I was standing at a 45degree angle to take this photo...

...this one is through my UV glasses.

Mountain creeping up over the glacier.

Took another boat ride. We got checked out by a leopard seal. Pretty cool.

One of the many freestanding icebergs that have calved off the glacier behind us. We can hear them calving all the time but I have yet to see a chunk fall off. That would be sweet.

Looking back at my tracks as I truck up the glacier...

These are some awesome nacreous clouds that greeted me upon walking out of my building one morning. Super cool.

I made some chocolate biscotti...

..and a Turkey Pot Pie with a hidden message. Can you guess what it is?

This was probably the coolest day I've had in a while. Snowboarding in Antarctica. I have heard tales but have never done it. We drove the snowmachine about half way up the glacier and strapped the boards on...

...again through the UV goggles.

Before my first run on the glacier. I have to brag, I'm sure we have the best hill in the world to snowboard. On a glacier, overlooking the ocean. Suck it Colorado!

Captn Dave Bardun gets ready for a run. Dave's from Colorado so he certainly has an edge over me.

So I still can't figure out which foot to put forward. I guess it's a toss up. Whatever you feel comfortable with. I went down three times with my non-dominant foot forward. Then a fourth time reversing that. Didn't seem much difference. I have snowboarded before in Michigan and once at Vail and am not very good. I don't like to go fast. I don't have health insurance and my job demands that I stand up. I'd be screwed if my leg got busted. So I take it easy.

But I think that if I was given the chance, like a week on a snowboard, it would be something I could pick up pretty easily.

Dave, of course, makes it down the hill every time. Bastard.

That's it for now! Hopefully not forever. I'm sure there will be some stuff to talk about when the boat gets here. Handing over to another cook, saying good by to friends. I'll be here till October 18th and the departure of the second boat of summer. Later!

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